Who is Applicable For IATF 16949 Certification?


This management certification aims to create a common set of methods and techniques for processes and product development alongside manufacturers in the automotive industry, all over the world. The IATF 16949 certification focuses on continual improvement, reduction of waste, decreasing variations and defect prevention related to automotive processes so that everything produced meets exceptionally high customer standards and supply chain efficiency.

What is an IATF 16949 Certification?

IATF 16949 certification the worldwide adopted Quality Management System (QMS) standard for the automotive industry. IATF 16949  will support organizations respond to the rapid growth in the global automotive supply chain, and address the new requirements driven by advances in technology.

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IATF Certification Benefits:- 

By Obtaining IATF Certification an Organization Can Realize:

Qualification: Going-back to the importance of safety & quality in the automotive industry mentioned earlier, in order to secure big customers from the automotive world you have to show that you can produce Best-quality products without defects. In other words, just to get in the door you require to prove you have a quality management system in place, and IATF 16949 certification does just that.

Customer Satisfaction: Improved customer satisfaction equals repeat-business. Another important aspect of the IATF 16949 Certification is the highlighting of continual improvement for customer satisfaction by identifying and meeting customer needs.

Progress : Facilitate & support changing the culture of your organization by siming on consistently improving the processes that each individual & teams, are responsible for.

Credibility : When obtaining IATF 16949 certification through a recognized ISO certification body, your clients will see you as a company that has implemented a quality management system (QMS) that is aimed on meeting customer and client requirements and on continual improvement -  having this standard in place will support garner immediate believe that you will deliver on what you have stated.

Engagement : The human touch. By giving your teams the ownership of not only managing but also improving the processes that they helped to create, more engagement in the outcome of the organization is sure to follow.

Intended to be utilized by any organization looking to provide goods or services in the automotive industry, regardless of size or specialty, IATF 16949:2016 can not only be the entry point for an organization to compete in this field but can also be a major feather in its cap. From credibility and continual improvement to customer satisfaction and employee engagement, the benefits that the IATF 16949 QMS can bring are real, tangible, and can be felt by a group for years to come.

Who is IATF 16949 applicable to?

Since the IATF 16949 Certification is a tailor-made standard for businesses venturing into the automotive industry, IATF 16949  is applicable to them. However, it is extremely beneficial to the businesses that manufacture automotive components, assemble them and supply parts for the automotive industry.

Some of the Kind of Automotive Suppliers includes:

·         Trucks (light, medium and heavy), buses, cars, motorcycles.

·         Suppliers providing parts, components, products, sub-assemblies and services for the automotive industry.

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