What are important of ISO 14001 certification in organizations?


ISO 14001 Certification Consultancy  | ISO 14001 Certification Consultancy

ISO 14001 Certification is the standard applicable universally for Environmental Management System (EMS). ISO 14001 Certification is the central administration standard which search the apt prerequisites for detailing and support of EMS. It gravitates the organization to control the usage of natural resources, reduce the negative impacts and guarantee legitimate consistence. ISO 14001 Certification is applicable to all the organizations regardless of their size or nature. It indicates the inevitability to upgrade and priorities the environmental sustainability. The certification directs the organization to be cautious while using natural resources and shall not deteriorate overuse them.


ISO 14001 is momentous for all kinds of organizations paying no heed to its size or nature. It is an urgent requirement to take precautionary measures and regulations to safeguard and sustain the environment. Recognizing the obligation to protect the environment and dig out the environmental threats for spreading awareness about environment management system are the rudiments of ISO 14001 Certification. An Environmental Management System is an essential for making arrangement and procedural changes that assists you with improving your ecological exhibition. 

ISO 14001 Certification is noteworthy because-

Ø  Directs to apprehend the cost reserved funds with more noteworthy accentuation on asset, waste and vitality management.

Ø  Fabricate corporate picture and believability.

Ø  Formulate and implement norms to Evaluate, screen and control the effect of activities on the environment.

Ø  Guarantee and sustainability consistence.

Ø  Improve natural execution of supply chain.

Ø  Ensure the organization, resources, investors and chiefs.


Various benefits of ISO 14001 are given as follows-

·         Improves reputation and build positive image

·         Helps in cost-control

·         Assists to safeguard the environment

·         Provide insights to follow sustainable development measures

·         Reduce the impact on environment

·         Provides you an edge over your competitors

·         Work according to global standards

·         Improvement in functioning process



The legalities are the utmost requirement for accomplishing the certification. The first mandate step to get the certification is fulfilling the formalities of documentation.  Once you have completed the formality of documentation, here are various steps to acquire the Certification-

1.      Internal-audit: This audit is primarily to check up your EMS forms.

2.      Management-audit: -  A thorough survey is conducted by your administration to retrieve the applicable-realities

3.      Corrective activities: – Following the internal review & the managemen- audit, you have to address the underlying driver of any distinguished issues & archive how they were settled.


The process for the organization to undergo ISO 14001 standard is partitioned into two phases:


4.      Stage -1 (documentation survey) – The Auditor from your picked certification body will check to guarantee your documentation meets the prerequisites of ISO 14001 certification.

5.      Stage - 2 (primary audit) – Here, the certification body evaluators will check whether your genuine exercises are consistent with both ISO 14001 certification and your very own documentation by investigating reports, records, and company practices.


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