Why is ISO 45001 Certification Important for organization?

ISO 45001 Certification consultancy

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 Certification is a global accepted ISO standard of occupational health and safety for a management system. In order to decrease the burden of the consequences caused by work related accidents, injuries and diseases along with ensuring the safety of employees and worker,

ISO 45001 Certification isreplacement of OHSAS 18001.

Why is ISO 45001 Certification Important for organization?

Every year, more than 3-4 million people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases  on workplace. Additionally, there are some 375 million non fatal work related accident every year, resulting in more than 4 days of absences from work.

Therefore, ISO 45001 is essential for companies to build safe working-environments.

ISO 45001 Certification mitigates factors that have the potential to cause worker and businesses irreparable risk. ISO 45001 can also support in continually boost OH&S performance, obtain its objectives & fulfills legal and other needs. ISO 45001 can be implemented along with ISO 9001 Certification  (QMS) &  ISO 14001 Certification which are equal due to their aim on environmental management and quality management.

ISO 45001 Applicable to - 
ISO 45001 Certification can be implemented in any type and size of organization. Due to the flexibility and easy adaptability, ISO 45001 can be carried out efficiently and effectively . Following are the organizations that can benefit the most by implementing ISO 45001 Certification in organization.

  •  Chemical and fertilizer
  •  Food and beverages
  •  Plastic and textile
  • IT and infrastructure
  •  Cement and construction
  • Heavy engineering
  •  Pharma
  • School & College
  • Retail store and shopping Mall

What are the advantage of ISO 45001 Certification?

When the organizational health and safety system helps in creating a safe working environment, it also enables you to gain remarkable financial benefits as a result of a lack of accidents.

ISO 45001 Certification support to worker health and safety in working palace, ISO 45001 also enables you to gain remarkable financial advantage as a result of a lack of accidents.

Implementation Benefits

  •  Monitor and measure OH&S performance on a regular basis.
  •  Minimize insurance money by demonstrating better risk-management.
  •  Client Confidence, Satisfaction & Trust.
  •  Organizations can set measures for service-providers.
  •  Support in understanding the internal and the external issues on the requirements and expectations of the interested parties.
  •  A better understanding of compliance status at all times.

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