How to fight with corruption and Bribery in organization?


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Bribery and corruption are a dent in the reputation of any organization. It is an unwanted and unsightly reflection that can be mitigated and prevented in the organization. The negative representation migh- result in a loss of trust among clients/customers, affiliates and business patrons. In addition, the lack of internal antibribery controls & process has been one of the key reasons for the deficiency in productivity inside global organisations.

A strong standard is required to combat these adverse effects where governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) procedures are at the heart of the system. ISO launched ISO 37001 Certification (ABMS)– a worldwide standard  benchmark in the Anti Bribery Management System which detects, protects and addresses the issues of corruption and bribery in the corporation. ISO 37001 is an assurance of employing the highest ethical standards and harnessing transparency even in the most complex business activities.

What is ISO 37001 certification (ABMS)?

ISO 37001 certification (ABMS) demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to up-holding the best practices in the commercial world. Being a management system that measures, identifies, and controls the level of transparent commercial-performance combined with global guide-lines, ISO 37001 is applicable for organisations of all type, sizes, and natures. By adopting the ISO 37001 certification, organizations, subsidiaries, and other affiliates can shield them selves from the dent that can tarnish their reputation and reduce their proficiency in the industry.

By implementing ISO 37001 certification (Organization), your organisation/company can cultivate a better antibribery and ethics culture and trust within the establishment. By adopting the ISO 37001 certification (ABMS), organisations will combine the  strategies with the ISO system across all departmental units transparently and operatively. Built with a set of worldwide recognized requirements, the ISO 37001 certification (ABMS) is compliant with worldwide, regional, and local antibribery regulations worldwide, enhance the association’s multi-level integrity.

What are the advantage of ISO 37001 Certification (ABMS)?

ISO 37001 Certification (ABMS) includes audit assessment process to utilise the application and maintenance of a robust antibribery program. Being an all-encompassing standard that is integrated with other management systems, the ISO 37001 certification provides these benefits:

·         ✅ Competitive benefits over other organisations/company

·        ✅ Greater aware-ness on the output of bribery(Corruption)

·        ✅ Escalation of organisational assets

·       ✅   Expansion of business opportunities in global market

·        ✅ Continual growth of services and products

·       ✅  Execution of feasible anti-bribery procedures

·        ✅ Increase of the organisation’s reputation in worldwide market

·        ✅ Reduction in structural and miscellaneous value

·       ✅  Boost in business efficiency &  effectivity

·      ✅   Reduction of malpractice & other risk

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